Today is Sunday, sigh… I still have class at 8am tomorrow, boring!! =( Today is just a so-so day for me, haha… not too good, not too bad, lol… I woke up at 11.30am this morning. I felt dizzy and hot when I woke up, Tsk tsk tsk… very bad! The weather is just way too hot these days!!! *^$!^@$*@&# Haha…

Anyway, I went to have breakfast, and then went upstairs sitting in front of my laptop again, haha… I think because I slept too much this morning, I was very sleepy and tired in the afternoon, and HOT too! Sigh…. I went to nap for a while, but I totally couldn’t fall asleep! TOO BAD! I was just too hot even though the air-con has turned on. Oh no…. this is just too bad!!! =( I woke up since I couldn’t sleep anymore, went downstairs, had red bean soup as my dessert, lol… then went upstairs to take shower as I couldn’t take the HUMIDITY anymore, hehe… but the BAD thing is I was still sweating after taking my shower. F***!!!!

I had dinner with my family after taking shower, my mom made bah kut teh for us. Hehe… tasted very good but I don’t know why I didn’t have appetite to eat. Hmm… Anyway, I came back to Cheras after dinner. It’s always good to be back to Cheras, haha… I don’t know why. I came home, unpacked my stuff, set up my laptop, I tried using the WIFI, haha… not bad, it works! Lol…. 

I just can’t stop sweating as I’m just HOT the all day, I took the second shower a while ago, still sweating, sigh… and now I’m kinda cooling myself down. What a HOT day! 

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