Lol....never updated my blog for two months!! WHAT?! TWO MONTHS??!! I can see that I'm getting lazy to update it. Lol....

Time has gone by really fast, here it comes to the end of the year of 2009 already, and CHRISTMAS is COMING in 3 days! Haha... This is my first time to celebrate Christmas in KL, I hope to have a nice, special, and merry Christmas, different from the past years I had in Suriname. Well... I miss the time in Suriname though, with some good friends, had some great time, celebrated good times with them, and also counted down for new year, nice memories. But time flies and people grow. I hope we will meet up one day. =)

I had a productive week last week, haha... went here and there and bought some new shirts and shoes. lol... but I spent too much, haha... Tomorrow is Christmas eve, I can't wait to celebrate Christmas, but I still don't know how to celebrate though, no plans yet =P is already been a year since I seperated with a friend of mine, I wonder he is doing and I do hope he is doing fine there with his work.

I miss my dad so much. I hope he's doing well over there as we're not with him =( May God be with him.

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