Time flies, here it comes to Saturday. Will be a bus day. Hmm.... Life is just going on, time doesn't wait for people. I should grasp the time and the things we have right now, and enjoy them while we are having it. Haha... =P What am I talking about? I'm kinda like talking craps.

Anyway... I will be flying off to Sabah on Monday, very EARLY in the morning. What is this??? I never fly real early in the morning. Man... haha... but this is fun, to travel alone again. Yay!! To experience it again. Never been there for almost 5 years. I wish to have a nice and memorable vacation back to hometown. I'm gonna visit my relatives and some old friends over there. Hey peeps! I'm coming!! Oh dear, I start missing my coursemates, I miss the fun time we had, taking crazy pictures, fooling around. haha.... University life...

Miss you all dudes! Hope to see you all when I'm back! =)

Can't wait for Christmas!!! Hohoho......

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