I got a bad news this morning. I was told that one of my friends in Suriname has just passed away, because of electrocuted This is unbelievable!! How did this happen to him?

He was a good friend of mine. We used to hang out together back to the time when I was still in Suriname. Sigh...... He just left us in a sudden! Still, I can't believe this! I could never see him again. May he rest in peace.

What I have learned from this case is that we cannot expect what our life will be in the future, and we don't even know what will happen next. So we should really appreciate the things we have, appreciate the people who are around us. For me, I should be glad that I can know God in my young age, compare to those who never know who God is in their whole life. So we should try our best to tell people out there the good news God. This is what I'm learning.

Life is full of surprises and it is challenging as well. Sometimes I see those people who are always in an emo life, I feel so sad and sorry for them. We have os much things to do out there or in the future, we should be vigorous, do not live in the past, life goes on, as we have to move on too. As we grow mature, we have different perceptions in different levels. Well, there is nothing we can, I truly believe in God, God will lead us no matter where we are, where we go, and who we are. Have faith in Him.

I miss you Ah Leong. Rest In Peace.

With Love.

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