Wow it's been a long time didn't go into my blog! Uhm... 1.2..3.. woo...almost a month i think. Finally I am back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! haha... It was fun to travel alone although it was a more than 30-hour trip to get HOME! Nice planes, nice flights, nice people, nice places, and nice FOODS! Haha... But I am not HOME yet, next station is Sandakan, but I don't know when I am going back! =( I miss my family, I hope to see them soon!

Besides that, I have met some of my old friends. I was so happy, but a little strange, I think because we didn't meet up for 4 years, haha... Well I believe things will turn out in a better way as the time goes by. =) From the first day I left, I have taken many pictures, but I still don't have time to upload them, will do as soon as possible! I wish to share them with you all! Lol...

To be continued... =X

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